Who is behind Ocean Yogis?


My name is Stanislava and I am one of the Ocean Yogis members. I am working full time for an IT company as an engineer but Yoga has always been my passion. I used to practice Yoga by my own or in Yoga studios for a very long time, until I took the decision in 2017 to sign up for a Yoga teacher training at Svaha Yoga, Amsterdam. Initially, I wanted to just improve my practice and to make sure I do not hurt my body while practising Yoga. However, later I learned so much about the practice, the physical and emotional body, that I wanted to share my knowledge with people that might be interested to learn more about it.

In fact, I do not see Yoga as a sport or some sort of activity but as a tool which we can use in our daily life to keep our energy level up and to bring to ourselves more balance when we for one reason or another might have lost. I grew up next to the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, and I absolutely have a great love for the ocean. I started to surf and kitesurf a few years ago which now has become my life style. Surfing or Kitesurfing are again tools as Yoga, to connect to ourselves, to clear our mind from the negative thoughts, and to just sink in the feeling of being.

We want to call Ocean Yogis a platform or a project, where we would like to collect tools for a life filled with more purpose and passion. As Ocean Yogis unites Yoga and Surfing, we would like to also unite the people who cares about our Planet, who have a talent who can be seen and used to contribute positively to the rest of us. Stay tuned, we will share all of this will you very soon!



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