Ocean Yogis logo is live!

Step by step .... oooh baby! :) ... Ocean Yogis is extremely happy to present its new logo!

Inspired by the ocean and deeply curious about self-awareness and self-connection, Ocean Yogis mission is to bring quality and simple Yoga practices to the Surf and Kitesurf Community.

The logo represents the waves rising and falling.The beautiful deep blue water and the playful foam of the waves after they break to the shore. At the same time, this wave view reminded me of the OM mudra (hand gesture) in the Yoga practice. OM is everything, it includes everything ... therefore nothing should be lacking .. and this is also the feeling when we are surfing and being in the middle of the ocean. OM includes the beginning, the middle and the end and as in surfing ... preparing for the session, getting out there and enjoying the ride and finally letting go and feeling this complete sense of being!

See you on the mat/water! :)

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Namaste, Ocean Yogis

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