If I am injuring myself - I am therefore responsible for my own healing!

"Ahimsa" from Sanskrit means avoidance of violence towards ourselves and others. This word carries a powerful meaning. That powerful, that Gandhi used it to free India back in the days.

In Kitesurfing, and in many other extreme sports, the body is exposed to a great amount of possibilities to get injured. But it is not the Kite that expose us, or the strong winds, or the big waves in the sea, but in fact our ability to manage and navigate between all those factors. We can have fun surfing that big wave or crashing into it, and get injured hopefully only for the next couple of weeks. Many injuries can be fixed today, but with those accidents we harm not only our physical body but also our emotional and spiritual bodies.

It is not about that we do not go there and risk, fail and learn - but more the ability to bring more self awareness and being able to listen to our inner voice. To know when we are going to push too much and to know where we need to slow down - in order to keep the balance in us and to grow steadily instead of failing/breaking regularly. This balance and awareness are what YOGA means to me!

Showing up every day on the mat, will not only increase your body flexibility and stability, but will bring you that very needed time to look within and connect to your inner voice. You can listen to this voice during your kitesurf practice, and know where it is okay to put more efforts to grow and where you need to slow down and show take care of your body. In this way, you are able to cultivate "Ahimsa"!

Get inspired from the great TED talk of Jim Kambeitz and how Yoga helped him to heal from his injuries.



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